Team Building


We celebrated the autumn and our company with an outdoor teambuilding at Remete-rét. We enjoyed a barbecue, fun activities, quizzes and a treasure-hunt game in the sunny forest.



This year we started a new tradition of celebrating FOSS' birthday. The party was a lively affair, full of cake, funny quiz and blue attire.

Summer School at University of Pécs Szentágothai Research Centre



We had the opportunity to participate on the first Summer School organized by Soft Flow and the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at University of Pécs. The lectures were hold in University of Pécs Szentágothai Research Centre by professors and presenters from different areas, including Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and different aspects of Biotechnology. The one-week program introduced us into the basic considerations and techniuqes, while mentioning the current updates and trends on a given field. I think it was a good initiation to impove and refresh our knowledge having a chance to dive deeper into different disciplines.


Attending the first Summer School of Soft Flow, we also had a chance to participate on laboratory practices/demonstrations. The topics were covering routine methods of cell and molecular biology and biotechnology, with additional instrument demonstrations. The week helped us to better understand activities of our colleagues – mostly in the Biology team this time -, not mentioning the interesting insight into the everyday life of the well-equipped laboratories in the Szentágothai Research Center.

Cherry picking


We celebrated the beginning of the summer with a cherry picking at our HQ.

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